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 Rampage Fitness City Gym -


We are the only Les Mills gym in Taranaki, offering more than 40 Les Mills and Freelance classes per week, free to all members! Check out our timetable online and read about our classes below



Take the ultimate ride with your motivating instructor who leads the pack for a 50 minute interval training indoor cycle, the equivalent of a 20km ride through hills, flats, mountain peaks all set to the addictive rhythm of powerful music. You choose your personal aerobic intensity as you burn up to 900 calories per hour!



Body Pump is the original fat burning class that uses barbells to give you the fastest way to tone and condition muscles! The best weight training exercises are combined with great music to strengthen and shape your entire body. You choose the intensity in choosing your weights. One class equals to 3 to 4 individual weight training sessions. 



A unique blend of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi exercise to build flexibility and develop core muscle strength.Controlled breathing, concentration and a carefully structured series of stretches and postural moves to music create a workout that brings the body into a state of harmony. Its the best program to provide recovery to your body.



Body Step is the ultimate way to give your body a high energy cardio blast and tone the hips and thighs. With over 2,000 steps per session you'll see resuts in record time. Get in step with one of the best fitness classes the world has to offer.



An empowering and fiercely energetic cardio workout inspired by a wide variety of martial arts and supported by driving music. A magic compilation of punches, kicks and moves to get you to superior cardio fitness and agility while fighting your way to the level of fitness you deserve!



A high energy and really achieveable sports-inspired workout, combining athletic exercises and powerful music to build cardio stamina, strength and agility. Designed to develop your general fitness faster than any other program, its the perfect preparation for sports like rugby, tennis or running. 



Using a combination of body weight exercises with interval training and strength training this class gives you an all over body workout in just one hour. Pushing you outside your comfort zone in a fun and friendly environment.





An exercise method which aims to create a balance in the body. It is an exercise system focused on improving flexibilty and strength for the total body without building bulk. Improving core strength and balancing the muscles around the joint, specifically focusing on breathing, pelvic placement, rib-cage placement, scapular movement, knee tracking and correct neck placement. Pilates will enhance any sporting performance and will keep injuries at bay.




Low impact

A motivating enjoyable way to exercise. Intensity is low to high but the impact of the movement is kind to your body. Work hard to burn fat and tone, put together with dynamic music.



During this 50min class you will be wearing a harness and attached to a fixed point via a bungee cord. This class works on developing strength and power through full ranges of movement and functional fitness.



Benefits of meditation *Lowers high blood pressure *Lowers the levels of blood lactate reducing anxiety attacks *Decreases any tension-related pain such as tension headache, ulcers, insomnia, muscle and joint problems *Increases serotonin production that improves mood and behaviour *Improves the immune system *Improves emotional stability *Increases creativity *Increases happiness *Develops intuition

*Gains clarity and peace of mind. 


Rampage Fitness City Gym

163 - 167 Gill Street

New Plymouth

06 757 8628

 Rampage Fitness City Gym -

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